Digital Marketing Manager


I was initially engaged as a consultant in June 2011 by freesat's Director of Marketing and Communications to evaluate and re-organise freesat's digital marketing presences and activities, which had previously been shared across several marketing managers and lacked focus at a time when "digital" was becoming more important than ever.

I joined the team full-time as Digital Marketing Manager two months later, leading and managing the entire digital footprint, where I exceeded all Board-level KPIs and defined the long-term roadmaps of three websites, social media accounts and £1.5m in yearly spend across PPC, display, advertorials and social to drive traffic, sales and customer data acquisition.

In September 2012, freesat successfully launched <free time>, the second generation of the subscription-free satellite TV service. I led the digital launch campaign with a suite of innovative digital marketing materials and new advertising formats (interactive display, TruView YouTube format, Twitter Ads) that helped drive target-smashing pre-orders, and then boosted sales with retail partners over the months that followed.

Running RFPs for a variety of projects and directly managing external designers and developers, I also provided creative and strategic direction to a dozen agency partners over the two years, including industry-leading shops VCCP, Havas and Possible Worldwide.

I scoped the role of, got Board approval for, recruited and then managed/mentored a Website Coordinator at the end of the first year, effectively doubling freesat's bandwidth for delivering digital experiences that bolstered both the brand and product sales.

Over the two years I also oversaw a long-term project that ended up seeing the complete redesign and technology overhaul of freesat's consumer website, involving deep technical integration with the satellite broadcast platform in order to allow remote record and pay-VOD services.

Here's some nice feedback from some of my former coworkers:

Matt is knowledgeable, approachable and articulate (eloquent, even!). His great sense of humour, enthusiasm, as well as a healthy dose of cynicism and a common sense approach were all things I genuinely enjoyed about working with him. On top of this, he actually achieved results, on and off the web, for Freesat. If I were hiring, he’d be on my payroll.
— Alexandra Sernet, fmr. Channels Development Manager
Matthew Carrozo is an absolutely fabulous client, continually developing and challenging our strategy to ensure that we’re delivering in terms of ROI as well as exploring new technology and innovations. His enthusiasm for all things digital is impressive! It is not often that you get the chance to work with someone who is not just knowledgeable and engaging, but also down to earth and approachable. Work with him if you can!
— Charlotte Neal, fmr. Account Director @ Havas Media
Matt is a bright, effective and dynamic member of the Freesat team. He is driven, tenacious and a great communicator.

My experience of working with Matt is that he is hugely committed and able to transpose ideas into tangible assets quickly and creatively, and is a true pleasure to work with.
— Mark Briggs, Fmr. Head of Channels
He’s passionate, pragmatic, really well informed and a total pleasure to sit next to in the office. In our small marketing team at Freesat, Matt was always a key driver in getting things done, and done well.

He took time to introduce me to the world of digital marketing, for which I will always be grateful. Matt has high standards, is ambitious, hardworking and relentless as well as a being a complete charmer!
— Roshni Chandarana, fmr. Retail Marketing Manager

Here's me on my last day in the office, commemorative plaque and everything.