Building universal understanding.

Building universal understanding.

Unbabel is accelerating the shift towards a world without language barriers by enabling trustworthy, seamless and scalable translations between companies and their customers. 

International businesses trust Unbabel’s enterprise platform to open up and grow new markets by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and a global community of mobile linguists.

Backed by Notion Capital, Google Ventures, Caixa Capital and Y Combinator, Unbabel is helping customers like Pinterest, Skyscanner, Under Armour, Trello and Oculus VR to understand and be understood.

I joined Unbabel in September 2016 as Director of Brand and Communication

I'm responsible for crafting and maintaining Unbabel's narrative, through multiple channels in a variety of formats, from sales narratives, email sequences and campaign content, to grant applications, blog posts and media outreach. 

It's an incredibly satisfying mix of strategy and execution, appealing to audiences both internal and external.

Clarifying Unbabel's purpose, positioning and values, and creating the right messaging and content for it, is by far the most meaningful work of my career. 

Media Coverage 

Media clippings of articles I helped craft and distribute. 

The Wall Street Journal Unbabel Gets $5M for AI-Powered Translation Services

Y Combinator alum Unbabel Inc. is a software specialist that hopes to act as a multilingual liaison with a combination of artificial intelligence and human interpreters to help companies translate customer service requests quickly. It network of about 40,000 human editors supports 24 different languages.

The GuardianFive Lisbon startups you should know

Giving Google Translate a run for its money is Unbabel, an online translation firm that combines machine learning with a network of 40,000 human editors to provide slicker, more refined results. Founded by Vasco Pedro, Joao Graca, Bruno Prezado Siva and Hugo Silva in 2013, the company has quickly gained the respect of the local tech community. Pedro had [three] startups before being selected for Y Combinator [a US-based seed accelerator] with this product, which is like a marriage between Google Translate and a human translator,” says Fontes. The software translates, and the human editors check its translations. Pinterest, Microsoft and Skyscanner are among its clients.

Tech.euAI translation startup Unbabel secures $5 million from Notion and Caixa

Unbabel has the potential to be a SaaS leader in translation services, said Chris Tottman, partner at Notion Capital, one of the lead investors. Unbabel is creating fundamentally new ways for businesses to interact with consumers across language barriers and borders,” added Stephan Morais of Caixa Capital. Our investment in Unbabel reinforces Caixa Capital’s leading role in funding the best of Portugal’s new tech companies.”

VentureBeatPortugal looks to its fledgling tech ecosystem to reboot a struggling economy after its first Web Summit

The meet-up at Unbabel’s office on a chilly Lisbon evening looked like a million other meet-ups at startup offices around the world. For the members of the Portuguese startup scene who had gathered, however, this November evening was exceptional thanks to the main attraction: three partners from Silicon Valley’s renowned startup machine Y Combinator. The troika was in town to speak at the mega-mega Web Summit conference. For an hour they sat under a Portuguese flag in Unbabel’s office and patiently answered questions from attendees who seemed mesmerized by every word from these startup legends.

GeekTime Portugal startup Unbabel’s AI puts Google Translate to shame        

Pedro explains, We have a fundamentally different approach from Google. They’re doing an amazing job creating a general purpose system. We started a general system but then adapt it to particular domain and [a] particular customer that resolves a lot of the ambiguities in general systems. We outperform in certain language pairs that we’re developing, like English to Spanish. When you initiate the action as the customer, if you want to translate a message, it has a big error rate. If you want to control what you’re saying, it’s very risky.”

GeekTimeBeyond Google Translate: Portuguese translation startup Unbabel raises fresh $5 million        

Unbabel is playing with some big-name clients at this point, including Microsoft (which has its own MT tool, Microsoft Translator), Zendesk, Salesforce, Pinterest, and Skyscanner. They offer APIs to combine with companies’ own content (and in-house translation) workflows.