I work with fast-growing technology companies to define and operationalise their brands for scale.

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I help you:

Define your purpose.

Clarify your vision.

Set your mission.

Articulate your values.

So you can:


Recruit and lead your people.

Get more customers.

Make the competition sweat.

Raise funds.

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Matt is one of the most gifted communications people I know. He possesses that often elusive combination of technical knowledge, intuition, and firsthand experience. He can deploy his skills effectively with versatility: as a strategist or tactician, planner or executor, creative or commercial. All with a fantastic sense of humour and deep passion for the craft. I loved working with him and wouldn’t hesitate to do so again.
— Abbie Pugh, Head of People @ LabGenius
If you’re looking to put the strong fundamentals in place that help you focus and grow your company, I highly recommend reaching out to Matt Carrozo. I’ve worked with him on many projects at different companies over the years, and apart from being a very interesting person and great fun to work with, he will create real value for you, your employees and your customers.
— Derek Kenneally, Advisor & Investor - Technology Products

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